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Android apps

The number of smartphones with the Android-operating system is increasing and this OS of Google will be used more in the future.

Some of the advantages why the Android-operating system is the ideal OS are plain to see.
  • Google is the creator of Android and is an important financer of cloud-services.
  • Android is improving rapidly.
  • The Jellybean 4-version is received well and Kit Kat 4.4 is already installed on handsets by updates.
  • It’s open source, which will attract developers rapidly.
    1. Multiple manufacturers build phones with this operating system, which is the reason why it can fast increase the disposal on the market.
  • Android combines the best features of other devices. It’s open, but offers iPhone-like menus and applications, it has pictograms in the Windows Mobile-style and it offers multitasking. Manufacturers of Android-phones also compete with each other in order to make the operating system as good as possible.

  • With only an iPhone Application you won’t reach a lot of mobile phone users, so choose today for your own application for the Android-operating system.