Revemotion Mobile


Mobile internet

Using mobile internet means always being online everywhere with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Unfortunately, not every visitor uses the same device to connect to mobile internet. This causes several problems for web designers. The screen of a laptop is for example much bigger than the screen of an iPhone. To offer an user-friendly interface to several users a custom solution is needed. For each device a separate website... or is there a better solution?

Good software

Our software recognizes the operating system of the user and refers him or her to the right website, for example The user will now be at your special mobile website and can navigate on his or her device perfectly.


To use mobile internet comfortably your website has to be optimized. This means: clear code, compressed illustrations and a compact menu.


Just like with normal websites, you can test the performance of your mobile website. Our approach is aimed at results and guarantees the best results for; Iphone, smartphones and tablets.