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Search engine marketing

Why optimize your website? It’s a fact that on average 70% of all internet users daily search for information by using a search engine. With a good structure, using words correctly and adding meta tags, your website will obtain a higher ‘ranking’ in the search engines. Because of this, your website will be listed higher in the search results, which will lead to more free (organic) traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

While optimizing your website you need to consider 2 concepts: Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO. 

Onpage SEO

With Onpage SEO you optimize your own pages (onpage) for the search engines. This mostly consist of; adding meta description and meta keywords, search engine friendly urls (SEF) and of course optimized texts. 

Offpage SEO

With offpage SEO you should think about signing up for news items on social networks and of course linkbuilding. SEO, onpage and offpage requires a customized approach. There are a lot of aspects which can influence the process. Aspects could be, for instance, competition, the current positions, the number of keywords etc. Feel free to contact us to discuss your SEO campaign.