Revemotion Premium


Service Level Agreement

A SLA, or Service Level Agreement, can be drafted when you have specific demands for hosting and/or need 24/7 support when there is a glitch in your website or webshop. These demands often require custom technical support, and therefor it is important to draft an agreement that is clear about the conditions of what both parties can expect.

When your organisation is strongly dependant on our services, it is wise to agree in advance how quick the response should be, when certain services experience a short outage. You can also outsource the full management of your server equipment to us, so that is no longer of concern to you. We will have your devices available 24/7 and keep your systems up-to-date. A Service Level Agreement will offer you extra care, security and safety.

Revemotion SLA

Revemotion can offer you a SLA against several rates and in several situations. In the table below, you can see easily which rates we apply. If you have different or additional wishes, please contact us. We will submit a custom offer to you.

A Revemotion SLA comes with these guarantees:
  • Your support requests will have priority. Under certain conditions, issues will be fixed outside of regular office hours.
  • We offer extra safety and security. Your services will be always available, and we will respond immediately to problems and malfunctions.
  • Your tickets will be archived and handled within our support system. This means you always know where to go with your requests. Also there is as little noise on the line as possible regarding previous conversations and requests, meaning that problems can be fixed much faster.

  • Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.