Revemotion Development


You want a website and/or webshop for online communication or e-commerce purposes?

We would like to give you advice about new technologies and interactive applications in your (existing) website. An example would be integrating Cloud solutions, but also technical improvements in both your management and your marketing strategy.

From Concept to Creation to Communication and more

The process from an idea to an (online) product has 5 stages.

Do you have a good idea? We will advise you in order to get to your goal. What do you want to do with your website? What's the audience? Revemotion advises you in order to formulate the purposes of your website in a clear manner. We will change these to an effective and clear online marketing strategy.

In this stage the design of your website will be determined, but also which functionalities (modules, newsletters etc.) will be implemented. A structured approach, alternated with various contact- and presentation moments and a lot of creativity will make this into a functional design.

To manage the website we will convert the design to an application or website with Content Management System, this can be our Nalini CMS, but also an Open Source CMS. The Nalini CMS offers a lot of possibilities to integrate custom applications (components, applications, etc.). After the start you can keep track of renovations and updates in the demo environment.

Your marketing product is tested and ready to be used for your audience. In a last test phase we will look at the functionalities together with you. We will give a short presentation at our office about how you can manage your website yourself. It's time to change to the live environment on your hosting server.

The internet never stops and always changes. Because of this, the desires of your visitors will change. By keeping track of trends and technological developments, Revemotion can develop new applications for your website. Think of interactive gadgets, rich media, social media marketing and search engine marketing.